Do I Need Compost?



Compost is heavily associated with gardening and it is something that we hear about a lot, but do we really need it? As a gardner, or a garden decorator, or simply somebody that takes pride and puts a lot of time and effort into your garden, you want to give it the best chance and therefore understand the best tools and techniques to make it both healthy and visually appealing. There are certain things you can put in place to keep your garden healthy, and encourage growth, and generally keep plants in the best condition possible. One of these tools is compost, but what is it about compost that makes it such a necessity in the garden? 


What is compost?

So firstly, we should break down what compost actually is. Essentially, compost is made up of all decomposed typical garden waste components, such as grass, leaves, twigs, and any waste that can be put to good use. It recycles these organic materials so that they can be used for the benefit of your garden, and as a tool to stem healthy growth and progression.


What is it used for?

Composting is a process of reducing waste to create a high performing organic material to use in your garden. Although it is not compulsory to have, it certainly has lots of great uses and will put your garden at the best advantage. Anyone can create compost themselves, but it is also available to buy and lay down in your garden. 

The purpose of decomposing all of these wasteful garden materials, is to create natural fertilizer for our gardens. It turns garden waste into something useful that will help your garden grow. It can be used in a number of scenarios, including gardening, landscaping and organic farming to name a few. 


What are the benefits of using compost?

One of the best things about compost and composting, is that it is very environmentally friendly, as it reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, whilst supplying your land with a healthy organic material to encourage better performance. 

Another great thing about using compost, and perhaps its most important function, is that it adds nutrients to your soil and keeps it healthy by suppressing any plant diseases and keeping it moist to maximise performance. It is valuable to your soil and your garden as it introduces important organisms such as bacteria and fungi. 

Composting, or laying down compost in your garden, is a great investment as it is valuable long term. Overall, compost helps with the conditioning and growth throughout your garden, including soil, plants, flowers and food. By using compost, your soil becomes naturally healthier, therefore leaving you with higher quality plants and food. 

To conclude, we would advise that every garden uses compost. It puts your soil in the best condition, which as a result leaves you with a healthier garden. For more information and advice, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.