How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space



A garden can say a lot about a home. It is somewhere that people like to take pride in and really make their own. Your garden is great as a social area during the hotter months, and it also provides a place for gardening activity, which some people really enjoy and take a lot of care with. 

Redesigning your garden requires lots of careful consideration. You want your garden to be the perfect outdoor living space, and somewhere you can enjoy spending time in as well as looking after. As there are many things to be thought about when designing or changing up your garden, we thought we would give you some advice on how to create the perfect outdoor living space…


Maintenance and upkeep

Creating the perfect outdoor living space isn’t just a one time job, but it is also built through regular maintenance. You need to look after your garden in order for it to maintain its character and appeal. This means things like regular gardening and cutting the grass. When kept on top of, these jobs can make a huge difference to the appearance and state of your garden.


Allow space for growth

If you are starting from scratch and planning a whole new design for your garden, we strongly recommend leaving space for growth. If you enjoy planting flowers or growing your own fruit and veg in your garden, it is good to plan ahead and be mindful of this for in the future. Allowing enough space for growth means you can plant new life and let it grow to compliment your garden and bring it to life. 


Choose garden furniture wisely

Not only do you want your garden to look great, but you want it to feel great too. This means creating a relaxing and comfortable environment. Garden furniture plays a huge part in this. For example, if you intend to use your garden as quite a prominent social area throughout the summer months, you might want to invest in some spacious and comfortable furniture for you and your family and friends. Furthermore, you want something practical and comfortable, but that is also going to look the part. Therefore, you should take all of these things into consideration when choosing your garden furniture.


Think practical

Perhaps you want a path to lead you through the garden, and avoid having to walk along the grass. Having a walkway through your garden is very practical and convenient and helps keep the garden looking clean and tidy. It is also great as a design feature as it breaks everything up, and you can choose from various different styles of paths so you can make sure you choose something that really adds texture. You might even want steps if perhaps you have a raised part of your garden, or some decking. Before deciding on any design for your garden, you must think practically and about what will really benefit you.

Thinking practical also applies to things like garden furniture. What is going to be sensible and compatible with typical UK weather? What can your garden accommodate the space for? What colour and style will look impressive in your garden? How many guests would you usually have around and what will provide the best comfort for them?


Natural or artificial grass?

Another big consideration when it comes to planning your garden, is whether to go for natural or artificial grass. Some people opt for artificial grass to avoid it getting muddy in bad weather and to stop them from having to keep up maintenance. However, real grass is of course more authentic looking and better for planting your own flowers and plants. It goes without saying that natural grass requires a lot more upkeep, but artificial grass costs more to have put down. Before deciding which to go for, you need to think about what is most important to you.


Choose your flowers carefully

If you want a garden that is full of colourful and beautiful flowers, you need to find out about the different types of flowers available, before you plant them or buy them. Furthermore, different plants and flowers require different levels of care, so you need to know about them before you plant them or purchase them for your garden. 

These are just a few things to consider when creating the perfect outdoor living space in your garden. If you would like some more advice or wish to speak to us about giving your garden a makeover, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.