Is Your Garden Prepped for Summer?



Now that we are coming into our summer months, it got us wondering, is your garden prepped for summer? Hot weather is quite rare here in the UK, which is why we all like to make the most of it when we do get some sunshine, and a lot of the time this involves spending time in our gardens. Therefore, it is important to create a nice comfortable and neat and tidy area that you can relax in and enjoy those summer months. 

Many people take pride in their gardens and the way they look and often aim to get things in place and looking fantastic ready for summer. If this is something you are aiming for, or if you feel as though your garden would benefit from a little bit of TLC, here are a few ways that you can prepare your garden for summer!


Having the right garden furniture

To be able to enjoy your garden in full during summer, you need to have the right garden furniture. Perhaps you would benefit from switching out your old furniture for something a little more modern and practical. Having nice garden furniture makes the world of difference, as you can use this as a social area to share with friends and family, and enjoy gatherings with comfortable furniture to accommodate your guests. 

Not only this, but having garden furniture that is in good condition and looks nice will improve the overall look of your garden. It ties together everything else that you have worked hard to keep looking amazing. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to buy all new garden furniture, but you could simply clean up what you already have, or give it a lick of paint and have it looking brand new. 


Tidiness is key

Keeping your garden tidy makes the world of difference in having it look fantastic as well as being accessible. Having an overgrown lawn can really impact the look and feel or your garden, and almost make it look a bit scruffy and untidy. Therefore, mowing the lawn in time for and throughout summer is a key component to keeping your garden looking and feeling amazing for the duration of the hotter months.

Not only this, but keeping on top of mowing the lawn will in turn make your garden healthier. It gets rid of dead grass and plants and allows your lawn to continue growing healthily. Mowing the lawn regularly also improves the condition of the roots and allows them to grow as well as making it easier for the grass to absorb important nutrients. 


Bordering to keep your garden looking presentable at all times

One thing you may not have considered but that can make the world of difference in the way that your garden looks, is bordering. Simply putting some borders around the edges of your garden or surrounding plants, will help to neaten the place up and make the overall layout look more slick and tidy. It is easy and low cost and just helps to keep everything a little more maintained. Furthermore, not only will it neaten up the overall appearance of your garden, but it also makes it more accessible to you and often creates the illusion of it being more spacious. 


Why not plant some new flowers?

Whilst some people are very experimental with their garden, others are not. However, you don’t have to go crazy with plants and flowers in order to make your garden look great. All you need is a few nice flowers here and there that are carefully laid out and placed in a way that will compliment your garden. 

Having a few new flowers and plants adds so much character to your garden and really brings it to life. The colours brought into your garden through these will really shine during the summer months, and it is the perfect way to make your garden feel brand new. 


For more advice or if you would like to speak to us about any work on your garden, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.