The Benefits to Having a Porcelain Driveway

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PHOTO 2020 07 02 10 11 1

As we specialise in the contemporary design of front and back gardens, a sector that falls into this is driveways. Over the years we have worked on various different projects and strived to achieve all sorts of different outcomes. However, when it comes to driveways, one material we encourage our clients to consider having is porcelain. This is an incredibly strong, durable and hard-wearing material that lasts for a very long time. Furthermore, it’s also a great material to have within your garden, as it looks fantastic as well as being extremely strong and reliable. 

We wanted to share with you some of the benefits to having a porcelain driveway… 


It’s low maintenance

A lot of the time, our driveways require frequent maintenance. Whether this is weeding, jet washing or just generally trying to keep it clean and tidy. However, porcelain is a material that tends to take care of itself and therefore requires hardly any maintenance at all. Whilst you should make your own efforts to keep it clean, you can actually clean a porcelain drive very easily with either a brush or mop. On the other hand, you can use a pressure washer if you want to give it a good clean however using a brush or mop is effective enough and does the job well.


The lifespan is great

Getting a porcelain driveway is a great investment for your property as you will get fantastic value for money. Along with its many other benefits, porcelain is incredibly long lasting. Therefore, you will not need to get any sort of replacement any time soon. It is such a strong and resistant material that it takes a lot to make any sort of impact, which means that you will generally find that a porcelain driveway does not appear to age over the years, or look worn down in any way, but rather remains in its original condition throughout its lifespan.


It’s aesthetically pleasing

Porcelain driveways are simply stunning. The great thing about them is that you can personalise the style and appearance of them to your own taste. It is a very diverse material that allows the opportunity to change the appearance of it in order to give it the look of another material. Therefore, you can have the look of the material you desire whilst having a driveway made from much stronger stuff that is going to be far more beneficial to you and serve you a lot better.


Your driveway will be weather resistant

On the whole, porcelain is a very resistant and strong material, meaning that it takes quite a lot to have any sort of impact on it. Therefore, it does not fall victim to damage as a result of severe weather. Whatever the weather, from rain to snow, your porcelain driveway will be able to withstand it all without any sort of damage that other types of driveways could be prone to. A lot of the time you find that materials fade over time from exposure to sunlight, but porcelain is not affected by this and therefore remains in its original condition. 


It’s a modern alternative

Porcelain driveways are a modern alternative to your more traditional materials such as concrete. Not only does this look great, especially if the design of your property has a modern finish, but it also means it is made from a material that is going to be much better in the long run and suffer less damage or wear. Porcelain driveways are a great contemporary design for your property. 


It will not be slippery

Though porcelain may look like a bit more of a slippery material to have on your driveway, it can actually be specifically designed with a slip resistant finish. This ensures good grip so that you are not at risk of any falls on your driveway. The textured finish on porcelain driveways provides fantastic anti-slip purpose and will ensure that your drive is safe as well as strong.

For more information or if you would like to speak to us about getting a porcelain driveway, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.