The Health Benefits of Gardening and Regular Maintenance



Gardening can be done in all kinds of different ways and measures, from small amounts of maintenance, to more intense regular care and improvement. Although not everyone may be fond of gardening, and perhaps neglect their garden a little, it actually has a lot of benefits. It’s not only good for the state of your garden, but also your own health. Of course, no garden can survive without gardening and some sort of maintenance. You have to look after your garden in order for it to remain in the best and healthiest condition possible. However, there are also lots of proven health benefits, too. 

Gardening is encouraged not only for the care of your garden and plants, but also for your own health and mental wellbeing. Here are a few of the health benefits you can gain from gardening…


It gets you outdoors

As humans, we need to be outdoors and get fresh air. Gardening is a great opportunity and excuse to do this, as it just gets you to spend a little extra time outside in the fresh air. This is good for everyone’s health. For the younger generation in particular, they don’t always spend as much time outdoors as they should, as they are often too preoccupied with technology. Gardening is a good chance to have a break and live a healthier lifestyle.


It burns calories

Although gardening is hardly considered a form of strenuous exercise, it actually burns calories. Even if you just spend one hour a week gardening for example, this can improve your health by giving you some light and gentle exercise and burning calories. 


A better night’s sleep

It is proven that gardening helps you to sleep better at night. This can be down to a number of factors, from the exercise and activity, to the satisfaction and peace of mind. Sleep is very important for our health, and gardening will ensure that you get a better night’s sleep.


Stress relief

Quite often, gardening is actually quite therapeutic. Therefore, it can be really good for stress relief. It creates a distraction and keeps you occupied and with a focus. If you are feeling stressed, it is a nice relaxing activity that also gets you out into the fresh air and makes you feel good afterwards!


Strengthens immune system

Whilst gardening is an activity that requires you to spend time outside, it has been known to gradually improve your immune system. Being outdoors will enable you to get more Vitamin D, which makes for better health and a stronger immune system.


A healthier heart

As gardening involves exercise, you are essentially exercising your heart and therefore reducing the risk of any heart problems or conditions. Although not a typical form of exercise, gardening does burn calories and strengthen your heart, putting you in better health.