The Key to a Contemporary Garden

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A lot of people like to put care, time and effort into making their garden look great. We are always looking for ways to improve our gardens and make them as desirable and impressive as we possibly can. One thing that people long for, is having a contemporary and modernised garden. This makes your garden area look slick and luxurious, not to mention stunning in its design. 

Modernising your garden can be done in all kinds of different ways and so leaves lots of room for experimenting and trying different things. Having a contemporary garden makes it appear like there is more luxury and has the ability to look stunning all year round. 

As garden design is what we specialise in, we thought we would share some tips with you on how to make your garden contemporary… 


Spacing and layout

If you want your garden to be contemporary, you will also want to make it appear bigger and more spacious. You can create this illusion from the way you space everything out and the overall layout of the garden. For example, you may be investing in new furniture and other pieces for your garden. The way you design the layout and space these things out can make all the difference. If you do it the right way, you will create the illusion of having a bigger garden, which goes hand in hand with contemporary design.


It’s all in the furniture

Having good quality, modern furniture is the key to making your garden more contemporary. Modern furniture instantly makes your garden look and feel more luxurious and impressive. Furthermore, investing in good quality furniture means you can enjoy socialising in your garden with friends and family. If this is something you do regularly, you may want to opt for more statement pieces of furniture, or coordinate all of the furniture in your garden so that it looks slick and contemporary.


Zonal design

Something that makes the design of your garden really interesting and gives off a completely contemporary feel, is creating zones. This design is completely different and very modernised, and you have a lot of freedom in how you want it to look. Furthermore, having your garden seamlessly split into different zones also makes it appear more spacious. You can also break it up with paved areas and grass, which makes for a really different but contemporary layout.


A modern fire pit

To create a contemporary design in your garden, it is good to have a focal point in the middle. Furthermore, if you are putting the time and effort into redesigning your garden to make it look great, you are going to want to spend time there. So, having a modern fire pit is the perfect addition. This becomes a focal point in the centre of your garden and really compliments the design whilst being practical and serving a purpose.

Even in summer the evenings tend to get a bit cooler, so a fire pit is perfect. There are so many modern fire pits you can choose from these days you will be sure to find the perfect match.


Porcelain patio

You simply can’t go wrong with a porcelain patio. It is the perfect material to dress up your garden and make a sleek, contemporary design. Porcelain tiles are high quality and durable, but also come in various designs and colours meaning you can find the perfect match and ensure that it compliments your garden. Having a porcelain patio is more of a modern design and also makes your garden look more expensive and luxurious. This is something you can incorporate into the design in all kinds of different ways.

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about designing a contemporary garden, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.