Upgrade Your Garden with Porcelain Paving

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IMG 2233

A lot of people take pride in their garden, and use it as a space to get creative with their exterior design and turn it into something fantastic. You can be particularly more adventurous if you have a big garden, as this allows more room to incorporate different features and design elements. One thing that gives your garden quite the upgrade, is porcelain paving. The slick and modernised appeal of this makes your garden look considerably more high end and impressive. It’s great for if you are designing a bit of a social area, with some nice new garden furniture to accompany it. 

As you can completely upgrade your garden with porcelain paving, and it’s a great way to give the design a whole new makeover, we thought we’d talk about a few of the different types available and the benefits of these…



Tephra is a sandstone style of paving, with quite a relaxed and natural appearance, making it very easy to match with your garden and the exterior of your house. It is designed to imitate the look of pure sandstone, which is where it gets the natural sort of appearance from, perfect for any outdoor space. Another good thing about tephra is despite the light shades it’s available in, it is actually very easy to clean and isn’t too high maintenance.



Grey tones are an incredibly popular colour throughout home designs at the moment, and this goes for both interior and exterior. A lot of people theme their interiors with a stunning combination of white and grey, however this looks just as slick and modern outside, too. Perhaps you have grey garden furniture, and are in need of the perfect paving to compliment this. Aspero is very modern and comes in a variety of grey shades, allowing you to find the perfect match for your garden. This also gives a very natural sort of appearance, as well as making any surrounding colour from plants pop and stand out. 

Another great thing about aspero porcelain paving is that it is incredibly durable. This means that it is very strong and resistant to damage, which is a very appealing prospect when it comes to outdoor design. 


Madera Antigua

Madera antigua porcelain paving is another strong and durable material designed to be very resistant in outdoor conditions. Furthermore, it is very resistant to staining, meaning that throughout its lifespan it tends to keep the same pristine appearance and show absolutely no signs of damage or wear. It is a very authentic looking type of paving, which again fits suitably in an outdoor scenario giving off a very natural and fresh sort of look. This gorgeous style of porcelain paving is very popular as the design is quite modern and appealing. 



If you are going for a slightly more high end sort of look perhaps, then tordillo porcelain paving is a great option for your garden. It is rather expensive and luxurious in its appearance as it is made partly with natural marble, resulting in a stunning marble-effect presentation. This is a very popular style, however it isn’t always the first type of porcelain paving people opt for as they fear the light colour may mean that it is hard to maintain and keep clean. However, this isn’t necessarily the case, as tordillo is actually quite low maintenance and very strong, with a resistance to colour fading. 



Manzano porcelain paving is an exceptionally luxurious style of paving. It looks fantastic with the right garden furniture, and adds a whole new burst of character to your garden. It’s quite distinctive in its design but makes for the perfect garden paving due to its durability and visual appeal. 

These are only a few types of porcelain paving you can get for your garden, and each of these will transform your garden in different ways. For more information, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.